About Us

Hi everyone I am so glad you are here because you could have been anywhere else. My name is Kara I am originally from South Carolina, and I am a military spouse. My husband and I have three beautiful children. I started Chosen Moments in December 2020 yes that's right during a pandemic. God gave me vision and it has been my soul purpose to fulfill it. One of the unique things that you will get from our store is that as a military spouse I travel all over. In our seven years of marriage we have lived in five different states. The good news for you guys is I get to bring these different cultures to life right here in this online store. So, happy shopping, I cant wait to see what your chosen moment is for your outfit girl so tag us because I know you will look FAB-U-LOUS! 



Why Chosen Moments?

Chosen Moments is rooted in Deuteronomy 14:2. While the Lord already shows us that we are His treasured possessions it is our mission at Chosen Moments to do our small part in helping our customers realize that through our prayerfully selected, affordably priced, diverse line of products. We strive to give all clients a unique experience where they feel like a special treasure and leave feeling loved and encouraged.